Watch: Fox News Anchor Humiliated Trying to Defend False Information


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Fox News has gone so far down the wrong road it seems there’s no more turning back. They’ve only gotten worse during this year’s election, and their ratings are proof of that.


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And then, of course, it gets worse…Fox led the way declaring Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election and naming him “President-elect.”

And since that time, they’ve tripled down on this coup by claiming there is no voter fraud and mocking anyone who supports Trump’s legal battle.

Well, now, the chickens are starting to come home to roost.

The ratings have just come out for November 6, and Fox got pummeled by MSNBC and CNN.

But it seems that the news network’s downfall is obvious to everyone but their hosts. Host Julie Banders humiliated herself by trying to argue against Trump’s spokesperson Tom Murtaugh, who was correct in stating the disturbing late-ballot situation in Pennsylvania.

When she failed to stop Murtaugh from speaking out about the facts, she instead decided to cut him off.

This is how Fox News hosts have reacted whenever faced with facts from the Republicans.

They’d be much happier if the audience just blindly accepted the election results and didn’t ask any questions about the numerous oddities surrounding this year’s election.

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