Watch: Did Jerry Nadler Crap Himself on Live TV?


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It seems 2020 really is the year of embarrassing moments, and not just for Joe Biden.

On Wednesday last week, Nancy Pelosi did a press conference about the Democrats’ election scamming bill. For some reason, U.S. Representative Jerry Nadler was standing on the side for moral support.

As Pelosi went on with her “speech”, something happened that’s never been seen before on a Congressional press conference.


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All of a sudden, Nadler let his tight grip on the podium go and started inching his way off the stage. He moved very awkwardly, in a way that’s usually done by someone who has just accidentally had a bowel movement or is desperately trying not to.

Here’s the video of Nadler’s strange dance off the stage. Have a look — what does that look like to you?

To me, it really does look like the guy just had an accident on live television. Of course, I could be wrong, since I (thankfully) don’t know what happens inside his pants, but what could that be?

It’s quite a common illness, so I’m betting you’ve done the dance yourself at least once or have seen someone who has! The thing is, it usually just doesn’t happen on live television, let alone during a Congressional press conference.

It’s not the act itself that’s a big deal. The main issue here is that so many of our leaders are frail and weak, while some seem to always be in a slump — and only getting worse.

Just last week, Nancy Pelosi’s brain seemed to have restarted during an interview. Now, it seems Jerry Nadler can’t control his own faculties. And as for Joe Biden, well — it’s Joe Biden. He’s only been getting worse and falling deeper into what seems like dementia, but I guess I expected more from the Democratic presidential candidate — not someone who gets the Pledge of Allegiance and the Declaration of Independence wrong. Even 4 to 5-year-old kids have the Pledge memorized!

Quite frankly, it’s embarrassing. These people represent our country and our people — is this the best that we can do? Plus, some of these people are so addicted to power, that even in their 80s they’d still rather spend their time in public office than with their families.

I mean, they’re already wealthy enough. There’s not even any need for them to work — they can simply retire and still live very comfortably. Why do we vote for these people?

Let’s make a change this coming election — voters need to wake up and make better choices. Let’s not give the people who can’t even control themselves the power to rule the country!

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