Watch: Did Biden’s Latest Gaffe Ruin His Presidency?


On Thursday, President Joe Biden traveled to Duluth, Georgia, for a speech that marked his 100 days in office.


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Unsurprisingly, Biden added another one to his already long list of gaffes during his speech.

According to Biden, the minorities do not know how to “generate wealth,” which is why only “middle-class folks” who are “Caucasian or white” can “pass down” their wealth “through generations.”

How does he get to call out “white supremacy” every other day and get away with saying things like that?

Then, he promised to the minorities present that he would make sure that African-Americas, Latinos, and Asian-Americans will be able to “build that kind of wealth.”

“Look, being able to generate wealth and pass it down through generations is how most folks got there. Most of the middle-class folks you know are Caucasian or white. How’d they make it? Well, they were able to get enough money to buy a home, and they build equity in that home…and they passed it on, and that’s how you build wealth,” Biden said. Apparently, that’s all it takes to “build wealth.” Neither hard work nor discipline is needed.

“Well, we’re going to make sure that African-Americans as well as make sure the Latinos and Asian-Americans can build that kind of wealth,” he added.

I wonder if he’s going to “get in trouble” for that one, too.

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