Watch: Creepy Joe Slips Again at a Mexican Restaurant…



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To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, President Joe Biden dropped by a Mexican restaurant named Las Gemelas in DC.

As he chatted with the management, Biden unsurprisingly had to read off his notes.

A few moments later, the restaurant employees asked Biden if they could take a group photo. For the third time in one week, Biden answered: “I’m gonna get in trouble.”

The first time, he said he would get in trouble if he answered any more questions from the reporters, and the second time was when he lost his face mask in Georgia during a drive-in rally.

Just who is the President of the United States going to get in trouble with because of those things?

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  1. Who is the senile old fool going to get in trouble with? The committee that actually runs the country-Harris, Obama, Hillary, Rice, Pelosi, Schumer, and Soros.

  2. They are all senile old fools.
    Look are the crime, deaths, wars across the world they have caused. Just a boatload of old , sick weak, greeedy fools.
    Greed,greed, greed


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