Watch Cop Reverses the Mask Shamer


Image Screenshot From Yaakov Pollak Twitter Post Below.

As the pandemic gradually becomes a part of our new normal, people are forced to adjust and cope.

Mask-shaming, a seemingly feature of the pandemic, has sadly become a trend. People call out others not wearing a mask in public, which too often causes a commotion. 

In another viral video, a man walks up to two police officers having a conversation. He records his interaction with the officers using his cellphone camera and tries terribly to shame them for not wearing their masks.


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The man attempts to lecture them, but the officer on the left schools him saying the guideline states that “if you maintain six feet distance, you don’t have to wear a mask.”

As the officer gets impatient about the intruder, he says that if the man would “step within six feet” from him, he would gladly wear the mask. The officer appears annoyed by the recorder.

The argument lasts for about a minute, with the camera panning between the two officers. While the man insists on his vague attempt at shaming, the officer on the right had enough and called the intruder “Karen” in full sarcasm. He says the man is someone who calls out anyone in public.

Karen, widely popularized during the pandemic, refers to an “entitled” woman who uses her privilege to watch others’ behavior. 

What could have the man been thinking? Is video recording necessary to get the point across?

People thirst for fame in this digital age that even a slight provocation gets recorded in exchange for a million views. Enough, Karen.

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