Watch Citizens of Portland Form Coalition to Save Their City


Image Screenshot From KPTV FOX 12 Oregon YouTube Video Below.

As one of the most damaged cities by the BLM and Antifa, fed-up Portland citizens formed a coalition to restore order and peace.

Months of seemingly unending riots, unrest, rising violent crimes, and inaction on the homeless compelled the citizens to form the Coalition to Save Portland. The coalition has since addressed Portland’s difficult problems and even advised the city leaders on the best actions to correct these social issues.


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The Coalition to Save Portland issued its mission statement on Thursday.

“Our mission is simple: To Save Portland. We are a diverse grassroots coalition of concerned Portlanders fed up with the anarchy and policies of appeasement that allow our city to burn. Our goal is to restore a Portland that can maintain law and order while dealing appropriately with bad cops when needed.”

“A Portland that can protect prosperity and peace for everyone. A Portland that is not boarded-up, smashed, burned, and covered in graffiti. A Portland that remembers that liberty does not equal anarchy. A Portland that can live together in true harmony.”

Gabe Johnson, a 48-year-old Black man who initially supported the riots, has since turned his back when he saw the protesters’ exploits. He lives downtown, two blocks from the worst riots in Portland.

Johnson made it to the national headlines when he pushed back against the riots.

“We have to face the truth. Portland is gradually dying. I live very close to the Justice Center that the tear gas had infiltrated my apartment through the air-conditioning when police officers broke up the riots. Explosions at the riots continually interrupt my sleep. This is clearly a natural result of Portland’s failed leadership.”

However, Johnson said it’s not just the riots. He mentioned that the number of cases of arson, shootings, and violent crimes continually shoot up. Yet, the city leaders and prosecutors are very lax in the catch and release program of lawbreakers.

“The members of our coalition heard endless pleas from Portlanders who need an alternative to vote for in the mayor’s race. Ted Wheeler has shown a complete lack of leadership, while his opponent supports the anarchists of Antifa. There has to be a better way,” he continued.

The Coalition to Save Portland seeks to unite community leaders for a positive change. The city needs more capable and competent leadership.

However, the two mayoral candidates failed to cite specific plans in their letter to the coalition.

Current leaders continue to stand back while the coalition outwardly takes their role in restoring order in their beloved city.

Have they no shame?

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