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The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Fox News hack Chris Wallace on Sunday suggested that it’s the Republicans who are defunding the police. Wallace confronted GOP Rep. Jim Banks for voting against the gargantuan Covid relief bill that had nothing to do with Covid.

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As Usual Wallace is Covering For Failed Democrats policies.

This only shows that they wanted to destroy America. Now they don’t want to take responsibility for the stupidity they supported and promoted.

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  1. How about we “cancel” Chris Wallace for good! He is a disgrace to any decent & true journalist! Democrats throw out lies so frequently only to cover all the stupid and dangerous moves they make and only to try and implicate Republicans for something they, the Democrats, are so guilty of! Finally, many Americans are on to all of the lies from Democrats!

  2. Why is that A**WIPE still on FOX? Did FOX FINALLY GET RID OF THAT TURD Juan Williams? I couldn’t bring myself to watch the Five because of that fool.


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