Watch Candace Owens Absolutely DESTROY T.I. In FIERY Debate


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Candace Owens destroyed T.I. in Revolt Summit x AT&T arguing that some of his statements are a fallacy, saying, “When did Trump ever say, ‘Black people are the problem?’”

Owens started off her arguments on illegal immigration, where most new births are Hispanic Americans while the population of black Americans has stagnated. She also pointed out the illiteracy rates of the black communities. Seventy-five percent of California black children can’t pass a reading or a maths exam.

According to the fierce debater, three things fuel the Democrats’ ambition to run. First is the blacks’ ignorance, who were not allowed to learn how to read because an educated mind can’t be enslaved.

Owens also pointed out the breakdown of families, which roots how a child goes astray. She said that a father’s absence makes a child nine times more likely to end up in prison, six times more likely to drop out of school, and 12 times more likely to end up being poor. Single motherhood accounted for a staggering 74 percent and is quite alarming.

However, the government incentivizes single parents who only worsens the situation. Incentives only make men unaccountable of the consequences. Owens asked the burning question, “Why is nobody talking about father absence, and why do we keep being silent?”

The debate got heated up when ‘white supremacy’ and ‘Make America Great Again’ slogans were raised in the discussion.

Owens said that T.I. insinuated that Trump didn’t denounce white supremacy, making his question a fallacy. She then urged the audience to fact-check her and go to Trump’s Twitter feed.

Even when the audience and most of the debaters disagree with her, Owens stood up her ground. She pointed that the reason why black America loses is that they get easily manipulated. She recounts how the media takes out a couple of sentences and create a whole recent headline. And so, people who didn’t actually hear everything would get incensed and emotional, never bothering to check the full context.

As for Trump, Owens said the then-President Trump denounced white supremacy up to twenty-four times on his social media account.

“If people know what you fear, you are the easiest person to control. The Democrats have figured out that black America is emotionally responsive to the word racism,” Owens said when the audience suddenly jumped up and cheered when a debater mentioned ‘Racism.’

Rapper T.I. asked Owens, “When you say ‘Make America Great Again,’ which period are we talking about?”

Owens maintained, despite loud boo-ing from the audience, that slavery used to be rampant all over the world. And America was one of the first countries to stop it.

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