Watch Biden’s Severe Rambling About COVID at the Press Conference


Image Screenshot From Twitter Video Below.

President Joe Biden made a speech during a coronavirus press conference on Tuesday where he once again made little sense as he mumbled through most of it.


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During his speech, Biden appeared to be calling out a lawmaker who refused to wear a mask, but he sounded more like he was rambling about kissing his ear.

“One Congressman pointed out; he used a very colorful term to say, ‘wearing a mask, I tell them to kiss my ear, I’m not going to wear a mask.’ Well, guess what, not very American. The fact is, you want to be patriotic, you’re gonna protect people,” Biden said.

But that’s wasn’t the end. On the same day, Biden had another embarrassing moment as he mumbled to himself while trying to find a place for his pen.

“Wait a minute… trying to put my pen away here,” Biden said to himself as he fumbled around with his pen for a few seconds.

Still, Biden’s mental decline is no secret. During the months leading up to the presidential election, we’d seen several instances showing this. According to author, editor, writer, communications expert, and former White House Press Office stenographer Mike McCormick, Biden’s mental decline is down by 50%.

McCormick commented on this during an interview with Steve Bannon on War Room Pandemic.

“50%,” McCormick answered when Bannon asked how much of a mental decline Biden has suffered. “He’s halfway there. There’s no way he can be in a room with President Xi alone and make any valuable decision for our country. No way.”

In a separate incident, Biden introduced his “science team” during a speech in Delaware. He explained that the team would be focusing on COVID-19, climate change, technology, the economy, and the “long-term health of science and tech” in the United States.

“We’re going to lead with science and truth,” Biden said during the speech. “We believe in both.”

“The science behind climate change is not a hoax. The science behind the virus is not partisan. The same laws apply, the same evidence holds true regardless of whether or not you accept them,” Kamala Harris added.

Towards the end of the speech, as he was trying to leave, President Joe Biden appeared lost and disoriented.

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  1. Oddly enough while dems blamed Trump for not wearing a mask, here Biden is not wearing a mask either–where are the dems & their hatred for Biden for not wearing a mask?


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