WATCH: Biden Violates Social Distancing When He Thinks He’s Off Camera


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What do you call someone who tells you to do something but does otherwise? Yes, a hypocrite.

In a CNN town hall meeting on Thursday, Joe Biden seems to have forgotten his just-discussed social distancing guideline.

Now, who would believe such a leader? Lectures social practices on the one hand, yet openly breaks them on the other. Perhaps it is Biden who needs to be lectured by the people.


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Both Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper faced online ridicule when the duo was seen to have crossed the distance as the show went for a break. Indeed, it was unfortunate that the momentary lapse of memory was caught on tape for the public to see.

Funny how the two are seemingly mindful to place a distance between them during the actual interview. Yet when the show went for a commercial break, Biden was seen walking towards Cooper and got so close he could almost just kiss the latter’s ear as he appeared to have whispered something.

The pair sparked criticism in social media, appearing to only follow the guidelines when the cameras are rolling. Biden earlier said he would fine someone not wearing a mask on federal property. Cooper also said he would keep distance as with all of the present participants.

When he thought he was off-camera, Biden, in his usual forgetfulness, violated the social distancing rule. Cooper was dragged in the mess.

The CNN town hall took place in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where attendees are seated in their cars, drive-in style.

President Trump and Biden are scheduled to square off in Cleveland on September 29 for the first Presidential debate.

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