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It’s always been suspected that while current Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was working as Obama’s Vice President, his son Hunter was not being a very good boy.

On Wednesday, a Senate report was released detailing all of Hunter’s dirty dealings during old Joe’s tenure as the Vice President. As can be expected — Joe Biden did not react positively to the report.

During an interview, a reporter questioned Biden regarding the revelations that Hunter had received money from the wife of Moscow’s former mayor. It was also revealed in the report that Hunter had sent money to people who had dealings in human sex trafficking.


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Old Joe got upset.

It’s really quite understandable why Biden is just a bit sensitive about the report that came from the Committee on Finance and the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs (HSGAC).

I mean, it does detail his own son’s dirty dealings. If this doesn’t hurt his chances of winning the presidential election in November — as if it can get any worse — then I don’t know what will.

Hunter Biden has already been infamous as the heir to the family dynasty who got kicked out of the Navy after testing positive for cocaine, had his personal information revealed when Ashley Madison was hacked and millions of adulterers were exposed — which he blamed Russia for, and known for the ugly divorce which revealed tales of drugs and hookers and showed how sleazy he is.

And, after his brother Beau Biden tragically died due to brain cancer, he wasted no time getting into bed with his dead brother’s widow.

He has also recently settled a paternity suit that could have been even more problematic to his father’s campaign. The thing about this case? The woman who sued him says that he was in bed with her while he was also engaged in his torrid affair with his sister-in-law!

That’s not even the end! There are drugs — and lots of them.

According to a report by Page Six, Hunter Biden was suspected to have smoked crack with strippers at a bar near the White House. Will this guy ever stop?

Well, Joe Biden’s reaction to the reporter’s question certainly got President Trump Jr.’s attention. The report couldn’t have come at a better time.

I wonder how President Trump will use this information to prod and goad old Joe into having a meltdown on national television during next week’s debate.

Hunter Biden has no doubt given him plenty of material to work with.

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