Watch as Trump Reacts to Biden’s Epic Fails During His First Months


On Monday night, former President Donald Trump had his first sit-down television interview since leaving the office with Fox News commentator Sean Hannity. They conversed about several issues, and one of the topics mentioned was Joe Biden’s first months as a President. 


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Hannity commented on Biden’s health since he took office: “To me, he looks extraordinarily weak and frail. I think it’s very transparent. He’s struggling cognitively. He usually averages less—we follow his schedule very closely—less than one event a day. What do you see? How do you grade him three months in?”

“So he’s going to be 79 years old. That is not old,” Trump answered. “I know many people in their late 80s that are just as good as they were years ago. I spoke to one who’s 92 years old. He said, ‘I feel better than I did 20 years ago.’ 78—79 is not old. Look, I don’t think it’s even appropriate for me to comment on that. It sort of speaks for itself. I mean, people can make their own determination.”

“I know that if it were me, they would be up and down going crazy,” Trump continued. “But I had an instance on a slippery, slippery ramp—a piece of steel—very steep and very long, no railings, no nothing. It was pouring at West Point. And the last thing I want to do is go down because it was not good when Gerald Ford went down. Now when Biden went down, the press didn’t cover it.”

Hannity asked, “Well, in fairness, his aides said that the wind was very windy. The wind might have blown him over. Did the wind ever blow you over?”

Trump responded by saying that the Air Force One is a very big plane; it’s big enough to shield and block the wind if it’s angled correctly. He added that the wind was never strong enough to blow him over. According to Trump, if Biden were a Republican, it would be “the biggest story for the rest of the year.”

They also tackled the recent actions of America’s enemies to know that they’re under a new presidential administration. 

“Well, something’s going on because they never did this with me. That I can tell you. Nobody was tougher on Russia. And frankly, getting along with Vladimir Putin is a good thing. And I got along with him very well,” Trump said. “The relationship was very good, solid. But they never encircled Ukraine and Taiwan. China—they never sent warships all over the place like they’re doing now. It looks very serious going on with Taiwan.”

Trump continued, “Something’s going on with Taiwan. And something may be going on with Ukraine.”

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