Watch: Antifa Burning Flag While Shouting’ Death To Your Empire’


Image Screenshot From Independent Media PDX Twitter Post Below.

Antifa gathered in the streets of Vancouver, Washington, during Halloween burning American flags as “anti-capitalism” protests. A protester was heard, yelling, “Death to your f**king empire!”

The violent protesters caused a ruckus in the streets as they chant and yell obscene remarks.

The Washington State flag and an American flag in the Washington State Patrol Building were stolen by the Antifa. They cut them down and burned them.


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“Everyone of you has blood on your hands,” another rioter said.

“Death to your fking empire! You sick fks!”

“Fk you for all the Native Americans that you fking killed! You…mother-f**kers!”

“All the Black people, all the Iraqis. All the Afghan[s]. All the Vietnamese!”

Footage shows the Antifa-BLM protesters chanting, “Burn the flag! Burn the flag! Burn the flag!”

Afterward, the group joked they needed “marshmallows” and as they “warm their hands by the campfire.”

They collectively chanted, “All cops are bastards, all cops are bastards,” while the American flag was burning.

The group then declared to “burn the precinct to the ground,” yelling to “take these streets back!”

Meanwhile, Trump supporters clashed with BLM at a vigil in Portland. When an American flag and a Trump flag were on fire, a Trump supporter seized the flags to put it out and nearly ignited himself. 

According to Breitbart News, Antifa rioters marched the streets on Halloween night in Portland and Vancouver. The rioters defaced business establishments and smashed windows as they move from the business streets to residential neighborhoods.

Portland police authorities labeled the movement: “Capitalism is Scary.”

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