Watch: Another Close Call as Biden Walks Up More Steps…



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On Wednesday, President Joe Biden had to board Air Force One to get to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to push his new $2 trillion spending package.

It was raining, and Biden nearly slipped again as he walked up the stairs. He held an umbrella in one hand and a bag in the other.

He didn’t fall, but he still looked a little wobbly when he got to the top.

Now, people are glad he made it up to the top of Air Force One safely.

After all, he fell three times as he tried to do the same thing a few weeks ago.

It was sunny then, but Biden had stumbled and caught himself before tripping, regaining his balance, and finally falling to his knees.

The Democrats had downplayed that incident by saying that it was too windy—really?

So it’s a good thing Biden didn’t fall this time, or they’d be blaming it on the rain next.

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