Watch: Another Biden Moment, He Says 200 Million Will Die Because of Trump


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We have seen and heard Joe Biden embarrass himself whether onstage or on tv. The man has a reputation for lying in his speeches. We still cannot believe he was chosen to represent the left party.

For the earlier generations, who would forget his withdrawal from the 1988 Presidential election race mostly because of dishonesty and failure of attribution?

As Business Insider reported, Biden’s ambitious Presidential race came crashing after his plagiarism scandal on portions of a speech by Neil Kinnock. It also sealed his run when he acknowledged plagiarizing a law review journal in law school. He later admitted he made a mistake in the citation. Biden asked the school administrators not to expel him. 


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Another gaffe has yet again been committed by Biden in his speech when he said 200 million would die in COVID-19. The man is indeed ludicrous. In June, he said the numbers totaled 120 million.

A staggering two hundred million is nearly two-thirds of the US 2020 population.

Biden was at a campaign rally in National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when he made the erroneous remark. With less than seven weeks before November, campaigns on both political parties intensify.

In his speech, Biden said, “If Donald Trump has his way, the complications of COVID-19 which are well beyond what they should be, it’s estimated that 200 million people would’ve died probably by the time I finished this talk.”

Correct statistics would have been 200,000 deaths. Yet, Biden could’ve, in his exaggeration, mistaken the number and added another zero.

This isn’t the first time Biden made exaggerated claims. He previously mistakenly said military instead of Michigan on the state’s COVID-19 toll. The Defense Department refuted his claim after they publicly announced numbers much lesser than what Biden cited.

Here is also a list of several untruthful remarks from the Democrat Presidential nominee in PolitiFact. Among of which is when Biden wrongly claims President Trump could have prevented every COVID-19 death.

The administration may have had few lapses in the rally against COVID-19, but significant actions have been made to control and contain it.

Biden needs to check his number before creating panic to his listeners. Two hundred million is no joke.

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