WATCH: A Newsmax host explodes in rage at Mike Lindell and walks off the set.


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Why would you ask the man why he was banned then proceed to interrupt him and say nope we can’t say that? You asked the man a question let him respond.

We at UnitedPatriotNews have really tried to get behind Newsmax but after this last debacle, I am not sure we can support them moving forward. This anchor is not professional. Heather Childers has to deal with his awkward actions a lot! He isn’t appealing to the viewer when he acts like this! He should Apologize!

We are so disappointed that this happened on Newsmax. This has been one of our go-to news channels since leaving Fox. We completely support Mike Lindell and his support for President Trump. This anchor needs to leave this conservative channel and go to CNN. His hatred is not appreciated on Newsmax.

WATCH: A Newsmax host explodes in rage at Mike Lindell and walks off the set. Sounds like the anchor has a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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  1. I see they won’t give the name of the host. This individual is not a good look for conservative reporting. Good luck Newsmax.

  2. This anchor wants us to believe because the States certified the election for biden there was no voter fraud.
    He is wrong, he acts afraid of the left and left MSM.
    He should resign and move to CNN, if he doesn’t I will leave NewsMax in a heart beat.


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