Washington Post Blames a ‘Racist’ Senate…


Liberal Hivemind – Biden Admin STOPPED From Confirming Cabinet Member! WSP Blames “Racist” Senate For Not Confirming..

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All the cabinet members are clowns under Biden’s circus tent.

We’re surrounded by idiots in our government come on Trump hurry back


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  1. he American people what to know what your doing acting as a president? His frequency of blanks has increased, the inevitable is occurring more often, where is this tax payor white house doctor? Has this person been approved to serve? Are we going to leave our Country open for this? Are those who know, going to be held responsible for his mental decisions taken? No State of the Union address, and on the World Stage who is really making decisions that he can not? Where is the medical report that says he is fit to serve? Again where is the tax payor white house doctor ? Again no State of the Union speech? Propped to sign executive mandates and then what? Who are these keeping up this masquerade?


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