Was Rush Limbaugh’s Prediction for Election Night Correct?


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During his Monday program, talk radio king Rush Limbaugh predicted that the Democratic left, with the mainstream media’s help, will do their best to help Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden steal the election through various tactics.

So far, we’ve seen one of their tactics.

Pennsylvania Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro blatantly engaged in election interference on Monday when he claimed that Biden would win the state of Pennsylvania if “all the votes are added up.”


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Limbaugh told his audience that a network could possibly call the race for Joe Biden before the polls even close.

He then called for Trump supporters to head down to the nearest polling station because the best way to overcome election fraud is through Election Day turnout. According to him, “Election Day turnout is how we avoid election fraud.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if there was ever a day to turn off all media except for the EIB Network, it is today because we have reached peak disinformation. I’m gonna make a prediction to you, just to give an example.

Sometime tomorrow — and it may even be before the polls close — there’s gonna be a network that will call the race for Joe Biden. And I don’t know; they might use exit polling data. Who knows what they’ll use, but the effort to suppress Election Day turnout tomorrow is going to be intense. Because, ladies and gentlemen, the people who are professionals in politics know one simple thing. There is nothing that overcomes Election Day turnout. Election Day turnout is how we avoid election fraud.

If we overwhelm the polls on Election Day – and don’t be afraid of COVID, wear the mask, do whatever you have to do to make yourself feel safe. Stay six feet away from whoever you’re nearest if you go. It’s okay. You can do it. Election Day turnout is the best way to overcome election fraud and also the after-election chaos and the counting of votes, the chaos there is to have so many votes on Election Day that it overwhelms the cheating. That is the magic of Election Day turnout. And don’t think that your vote doesn’t matter.

I’m not trying to be cliched here. This is absolutely the way we win, Election Day turnout unless you’ve already voted. But despite all you’ve heard about early voting and absentee, the number of people who haven’t voted yet is phenomenally high. So just make sure that on Election Day, if you’ve not early voted, that you get out and turn out because it is how this election is going to be won. And they know it on the left. They know it on the Democrat side.

Let me tell you something. These Trump rallies, these crowds are phenomenal. Even the governor, lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania is saying you can’t Photoshop these. I’m looking at a photo now. I was gonna put it on the Dittocam, but by the time it ends up there, the resolution would be so off that it would just be a blob of red here. It’s 30,000 people in Butler, Pennsylvania. Democrat Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman vocalized a major concern among prominent Democrats alerting his followers to Trump’s massive crowd Saturday night in Butler.

He said: “The president is popular in Pennsylvania. I don’t care what polls say. With 700K ballots still out there, you need to BANK YOUR BALLOT. Use a Dropbox. Get them in.”

They are worried.

Make no mistake: There are elements within the left-wing establishment that would rather see the country destroyed than another Trump term. It’s come to that.

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