Vote Scandal Revealed in Georgia Courtesy of Veritas


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YouTube Video Below.

In the latest video of James O’Keefe, Project Veritas founder, “multiple ballots” were allegedly counted for Democrat Joe Biden even when marked for Donald Trump.


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The interview, held in the Georgia Fulton County polling location, brings new light to the manual recount being held, which apparently needs to be audited again if the allegation is true.

Hale Soucie, a Republican National Committee representative in the election recount in Georgia, told Project Veritas’s undercover journalist that authorized persons who are counting ballots had made continuous errors in declaring whom the ballot should be counted for.

“So, the second person was supposed to be checking it right. So, three times in three minutes, she called out Biden. The second auditor caught it, and she said, ‘No, this is Trump,’” said the insider.

Soucie said that the woman was caught announcing the wrong name three times in three minutes, from 2:09 to 2:12. “So, table 17 (Cobb County) was the first one where the woman got it wrong three times,” he continued.

Soucie also said that a “first-person” calls out ballots for Biden or Trump, passes it on to the “second person,” yet without even looking at it, the “second person” puts the paper to the tray assigned to whoever the former said the name was [Biden or Trump].

Was the second person not made aware she should be auditing the paper instead of just passing it on?

“Table 18 (Cobb County) was where the first person called out Biden or Trump. She passed it across the table; the other person did not even look at it and just put it wherever the first person said. That person was supposed to be auditing it.”

Soucie then said to the journalist that he reported the incident to the election officials. The woman was apparently confronted on her actions, yet didn’t change after the inside came back after a few minutes.

Soucie then described the behavior of the woman as snarky, who also said, “I’m paid by the taxpayer, and this f** asshole is coming out watching me.”

“It is troubling that events such as these are taking place, and it is a reason why many Americans have lost faith in the electoral process,” O’Keefe said.

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