VIDEO: Suspected Arsonist Detained by Civilian Woman


Image Screenshot From Conservative News Daily YouTube Video Below.

In Oregon, an enraged woman held a suspected arsonist at gunpoint and forced him to lie face down on the ground. She allegedly caught him on her property with matches on hand.

In the video, the Oregon woman, Kat Cast, furiously parks her car as she points her gun to the suspect, ordering him to “get on the floor” face down. The man calmly explains that he was only passing through, but Cast doubted his intentions as he has matches in his hands.

Cast quizzed him if he lighted anything on fire but denied and said he uses the matches for smoking. However, he later admitted that he doesn’t have cigarettes with him.


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Cast told him that she had called the police authorities. It wasn’t clear if the police charged the suspect.

In her Facebook post, Cast said that she walked the man out of her property and made him lie down when they reached an asphalt ground on the road. She clarified that the incident is not fake or stage as what other people have accused her in social media.

Despite the accusations, Cast wrote on her Facebook page that she would do it again to protect her family and neighbors. The second time wouldn’t be as nice as she was.

Cast refused to be interviewed by anyone about the incident as she doesn’t want to expose herself more and possibly endanger her family. She added that the media would only “twist” her statement.

The video came amid intense wildfires tearing through the US West Coast. As devastating wildfires burned the West parts of the country, looters took advantage of the tragedy when the residents tried to evacuate and salvage their properties.

Wildfires raged at least 1,300 square miles and have taken more than eight lives.

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