Video: Citizen Shows Empty Hospital, Kicked Out for Revealing Truth


Image Screenshot From Richard Citizen journalist-hillbillychad Twitter Video Below.


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A video has gone viral on social media, and it has left many people asking some serious questions.

A citizen reporter posted the video of his visit to a hospital in Virginia. According to him, there aren’t as many patients in the hospital as what has been reported.

The citizen reporter can be heard asking the staff where all the patients are and why they don’t seem to be overrun with COVID-19 patients. He continues questioning why so many small businesses and restaurants are closed if the hospitals aren’t overrun with patients.

The staff remains mostly silent to the man’s questions as they continue to usher him out of the building and into the parking lot.

There was a lot of speculation on social media after this video was posted, with many thanking this brave citizen asking these questions.

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Another Twitter user has posted a video showing that a different hospital is empty when they’re supposedly filled with COVID-19 patients past their capacity. This time, the person who took the video was a staff member at an empty Belfast hospital.

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