Veteran Violently Choked and Forced to Ground for Not Wearing a Mask


Image Screenshot From Twitter Video Below.


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A disturbing scene from California made rounds on social media, as a veteran was choked and forced to the ground for not wearing a face mask.

At a San Antonio mall, a veteran claiming to have medical issues was taken to the ground by mall security personnel for not following the mask mandate.

Footage captured the chaotic scene where bystanders yelled and told the security personnel to get off the veteran. The crowd was later heard singing the national anthem in the video.

Several conservatives condemned, after being horrified watching the footage that has since become viral on social media. People were disturbed that a member of the armed forces could be treated in such a manner.

“I’d like to know where all these rent-a-cops and terrorist hunting security people were when the black lives matter riots were on. This is getting ridiculous,” one social media user commented.

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Another user said, “Listen…I back the blue, but if they are going to start acting like the SS, they’re going to end up losing what support they have left.”

The sympathizer of the veteran said, “I would make it a FELONY if ANYONE assaults a Veteran will get instant 5 years in jail. Even law enforcement. God Bless ALL who served and gave their lives. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!!”

Such a scene is hard to ignore, especially that it involves a member of the military. Imagine what would be done to an ordinary person.

It’s shocking to witness a scene as brutal as this just for one person not wearing a mask when you could also see one of the security personnel’s mask slowly drop, leaving his nose exposed.

This is one instance that sows more division among Americans during these trying times.

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