Until Now, I Never Believed in the ‘Deep State’…


On Newsmax, Rudy Giuliani joined Dr. Sebastian Gorka to give a reality check regarding the “Deep State” and how it really exists. 

“I didn’t believe there was such a thing as the deep state. I thought it was a conspiracy theory. But, just a few weeks into my time in the Trump administration, I realized it wasn’t just a theory, it wasn’t a conspiracy — it was real,” Gorka began.

As soon as former New York City Mayor Giuliani joined Gorka, he began recounting how the FBI attempted to “intimidate” him.

“All of a sudden, at six o’clock in the morning, two weeks ago roughly, there’s tremendous banging, and they come in, and they have a warrant to search for all electronics for a certain period of time,” he told Gorka. “And I look at it because you have to have some charge. And what they say is that I failed to register as a foreign agent about some Ukrainian official.”

“Now, I have for two or three years been plagued with allegations like this three times. My lawyer asked the U.S. attorney, ‘Could we come in and explain to you and show you this is not true?’ It’s completely false. I never represented any of them. In fact, I specifically didn’t represent this person. I referred him to somebody else, and I wanted to give them that,” he explained. “They never took up my offer.”

“They announced to me back in 2019 or so, they went and took my iCloud information for a year and a half without telling me,” he added. “They’re supposed to notify you at some point.”

At this point, Gorka asked the lawyer who his “most famous client” was when they searched his iCloud.

“Of course, it was the president of the United States!” Giuliani answered. “In fact, the date—the beginning date that they asked for the iCloud is roughly the beginning date that I began to represent him.”

“In other words, they basically said, ‘We’ve got no interest in you before Donald Trump.’ But the minute I started representing him, they went and took a year and a half of my confidential material off of the iCloud. It has to be they were searching for stuff that would hurt Donald Trump and also hurt me on some theory that I’m going to help them with bad information about Donald Trump,” he explained. “All I can tell you is I began representing him because I believed he was an innocent man who was being framed. And I turned out to be right.”

“The warrants said that all electronic equipment—during the course of the search, they presented me with electronic equipment that wasn’t mine. I actually just got it back. I said, ‘This is not my computer. This is somebody else’s.’” Giuliani went on.

After explaining that it was his ex-wife’s computer and not his, Giuliani continued: “So they took it anyway, even though I said, you know, it’s not mine.”

“All of a sudden, there are these two hard drives. And they said, ‘What are those?’ And I said, ‘Well, those are Hunter Biden’s hard drives.’” Then, he continued explaining how the FBI actually refused to take the hard drives after he said they were Hunter’s.

“Now, think about that for a second. That could have been Vladimir Putin on the hard drive. You could have been me making a deal with some crooked Ukrainian like they think I do. They took my words for it. So why the heck do they come and barge into my apartment if they’re going to take my word for it?” he asked, frustrated.

Giuliani said when asked who they were really trying to intimidate, “Well, I think they want to—they’re always trying to shake up the president. They’re not going to intimidate him, but they still think they can do it.” 

“They also, I think, are very worried about what’s going on in Arizona. They spent three months—four months blocking it. So if there were nothing wrong in Arizona three months ago, they would have turned over all the paper ballots and all the machines,” he continued.

“Why do you fight this battle to hide them? And they know that if something goes wrong, they’re going to have to deal with my big mouth,” he added. “They’re doing the best they can to try to destroy my credibility.”

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