Unbelievable! Kamala’s Reasoning for the Border Crossing Crisis…



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Despite not visiting the southern border, Vice President Kamala Harris has just identified the “root cause” of the surge in illegal migrants at the border.

According to her, climate change is the “root cause” of the increasing number of illegal migrants coming from the Northern Triangle countries.

“We are all very clear the work that we have the potential to do in the Northern Triangle will not evidence itself overnight by any stretch. We are looking at issues that have been a long time in the making,” she began.

“We are looking at issues that relate to the need for economic development, a need for resilience around extreme climate,” she explained. “These Northern Triangle countries—a large part of their economic base was agriculture.”

She continued that “severe climate experiences” have been “dampening” and “really harming their ability to have that economic driver in their countries.”

“We are looking at issues that relate to violence and corruption. We are looking at extreme food insecurity and what must be addressed there. The focus that we are bringing to our work in the Northern Triangle is really about assessing and figuring out what we might do to encourage economic development. Addressing what we know is present there in terms of the need to address issues that relate to the integrity of government, the rule of law, corruption,” she added.

Not once did she mention what the Biden administration would do about the cartels that continue to benefit from these illegal border crossers.

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  1. if harris had the brains of a bird she would fly backward.She apparently thinks everyone is ignorant but her.She fell off the bridge and bumped her head on the pavement below


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