Twitter CEO Issues a Statement on His Company’s Censorship Practices


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Twitter CEO issued a statement in his company’s censorship on perhaps the most talked about topic this morning – a New York Post article disclosing a cache of emails on the links between Burisma and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Issues circulating the links of the Biden family to foreign nationals have been hot topics this campaign season. Hunter Biden, the former VP’s son, has some serious alleged cases of corruption in particular.

However, a publication tweeted by New York Post on the said platform got censored for some reason. Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, issued a public statement on the decision to clarify things on their behalf. 

“Our communication around our actions on the [New York Post] article was not great,” Dorsey admitted. “And blocking URL sharing via tweet or DM with zero context as to why we’re blocking: unacceptable.”

Dorsey may have taken the blame, but sources say individuals under him are the main agitators pushing for the censorship. Among them are Trust & Safety Vice President Del Harvey and a member of the Trust and Safety team, Vijaya Gadde.

Several accounts have been locked, and links to the story were banned. On the other hand, another social media giant, Facebook reduced the distribution of the story.

The CEO’s tweet appears as a direct scolding on how the Trust & Safety department handled the matter.

In an attempt to clarify the situation, @TwitterSafety barraged a tweetstorm after censoring the post.

The Silicon Valley giant softened its Hacked Material Policy after the issue.

Moving forward, only posts consisting of hacked materials directly posted by the hackers and its group will be immediately blocked. Also, labels with context must be provided.

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