Trump: ‘This is a cure. Call it what you want, it’s a cure’


Image Screenshot From Donald J. Trump Twitter Post Below.

After recovering from COVID-19, President Trump appeared on a talk show Friday and announced, “we have something that will cure” the coronavirus.

Shortly after being diagnosed with the virus on October 1st, the president was taken to Walter Reed National Medical Center for treatment. He was among the handful of people given the Regeneron cocktail and was discharged about 10 days after.

President Trump said he was “not in great shape” when admitted to the center, but claimed, “we had a medicine” that healed him. He praised the Regeneron cocktail for his immediate recovery.

“This is a cure. Call it what you want. It’s a cure. I’m talking to you today because of it,” Trump stated, calling it a total gamechanger.

The president declared, “This is better than the vaccine, and it’s going out as we speak.”

He said he is fast-tracking to get the development of the coronavirus antibody-drug by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. It will be approved quickly and released to hospitals after his treatment.

Trump’s personal physician, Dr. Sean Conley, said that the president has completed his COVID-19 therapy prescribed by his physicians and could soon return to “public engagements.”

In a memo, Conley wrote that President Trump’s physical exam has been stable since returning home, and has responded well to treatment.

Having regained his energy, President Trump said he’s ready to go back on his campaign trail.

“I think I’m gonna’ try doing a rally on Saturday night if we have enough time to put it together — but we wanna do a rally, probably in Florida on Saturday night,” the president said.

“We might come back and do one in Pennsylvania the following night, and it’s incredible what’s going on. I feel so good.”

With Trump back on track, the highly anticipated second presidential debate would take place next Thursday as scheduled.

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