Trump Springs a Brilliant Trap for Traitor GOPs


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President Trump has been fighting for America harder than anyone else, and he has never asked for anything more from us other than our support.

Courtesy of the new COVID relief bill, billions of dollars were sent to foreigners, while American citizens receive a mere $600 bucks.

Americans want life to go back to normal.

COVID is a virus with a 99.8% survival rate and we now have a vaccine. However, it seems that Biden sees things differently:

This isn’t just about the “virus” anymore. It’s becoming more about control and a great “globalist reset.”

President Trump stated that he would veto the bill and demand that at least $2,000 be given to each American. However, his advisors in the White House told him not to.

However, he still went ahead and did what he wanted.

Here’s what OANN’s Jack Posobeic reported: “NEW: Some White House advisors tried to stop Trump from making the $2000 video. He vetoed them. GOP leadership wanted to talk tonight afterward, but the President said there was nothing more to talk about.”

President Trump delivered a national address and called on Congress to do the right thing for the American people – either give them $2,000 per American, or he would VETO the bill.

Right now, all that’s standing between us and America’s spiral down is President Donald Trump.

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