Trump: ‘Didn’t I Predict This?’


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President Trump reminded the country early Wednesday morning that he actually predicted a “contested result” since the leftists started pushing the states to distribute mail-in ballots to millions of voters.

Trump leads the race in several states pending final results due to waiting for absentee and mail-in ballots count.

Trump’s campaign still hopes he could turn Arizona in his favor. He was trailing then because the vote on election day has not been counted yet, only the mail-in ballots. Fox News, however, has declared the state was for Joe Biden.


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The president reminded everyone he had anticipated the scenario. 

 “They knew they couldn’t win,” he said, “so they said let’s go to court. “And did I predict this, Newt [Gingrich]? Did I say this?

Democrats have largely pushed for states to adopt vote-by-mail. They have masked the pandemic and coronavirus transmission as a resort to urge the voters.

However, several states unused to mail-in ballots suffered logistics problems in the primary.

As the national elections drew near, various issues involving mail-in ballots sparked controversies. In some states with existing vote-by-mail systems, registered voters received mail-in ballots, whether they requested or not. Some of the ballots were then delivered to the wrong addresses, and several got disqualified.  

President Trump’s successive tweets about mail-in ballots prove he was correct in his predictions. 

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