Trump Campaign Obtains Crucial Court Order


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Journalist Raheem Kassam was able to get his hands on official court documents from a Trump legal source that confirms thousands of provisional ballots will be set aside in Pennsylvania.

According to an order by the Commonwealth Court in a lawsuit brought by Republican candidates, the provisional ballots are to be kept separate until officials could ensure that they were validly cast.

This could have a major impact on the elections, and particularly in Pennsylvania. If President Trump can somehow win the state, he could turn it back around.

According to Kassam, the court order effectively sets aside thousands of provisional ballots for up to 6 days. This court order was made after Trump’s lawyers found out that the Democrats told their voters to “cure” their side’s mail-in ballots.

Here is what Kassam originally reported:

Trump campaign in PA has obtained a court order which effectively means thousands of provisional ballots will be set aside for up to 6 days. This comes after Trump lawyers found out Dems were informing their voters to “cure” their own side’s mail-in ballots.

Other media is covering this story but without the background of WHY this is happening. Effectively, Trump lawyers suspect Dems of inspecting ballots in advance and advising their side to vote provisionally again.

Not only does this not make sense from an “OMG COVID SO DONT VOTE IN PERSON!” perspective (because they had to go in person to do the provisional ballots) but it also throws a tonne more votes back on the table for up to 6 more days. 

For example, of 6,000 in Montgomery County, the lawyers have reviewed 731, of which 80% have been formally challenged.


Below, you’ll find his original Twitter thread.

He also included the court order in his Twitter thread, and here they are:

Let’s just hope that the court order wasn’t too late to make a difference.

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