Troubling Evidence Unearthed: Tiger Woods’ Crash Investigation…


Last month, Tiger Woods—who is known as one of the greatest golfers of all time—was driving his car when it crashed in Rancho Palos Verdes.


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If you missed it, here’s the crash from a month ago:

The investigation has reportedly provided troubling evidence—not only do they believe Tiger never hit the brakes, but no evidence shows he took his foot off the gas.

Since the accident, the LA County Sheriff’s Department studied Woods’ SUV, the crash site, and any evidence, including the SUV’s black box.

According to TMZ, the Sheriff’s Department has found no evidence that Woods tried to stop the car once he had lost control of it.

“Did he pass out?” TMZ wondered. According to experts, anybody who was conscious would try their best to avert it. Granted, he could have passed out and then awakened from the impact.

However, as soon as the first responders came, he told the cops that he had no recollection of the crash.

Soon after, the Sheriff said that there was no evidence of impaired driving or alcohol intoxication. And yet, the Sheriff never issued a warrant for blood tests, so how did he know?

Then, a spokesperson for the department said, “We are not releasing any further information at this time.”

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