Trouble for Dems: New Survey of ‘Real’ Americans



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The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, The situation at the southern border has been a disaster from the moment Joe Biden took office. A new survey finds that a majority of Americans knows this, and blames Joe Biden for it. It also spells major trouble for Democrats in 2022.

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I was a Democrat for 20 years. Never ever again will I vote for communists

The minute Biden sneakily got into office everything went to Hell not just the border…

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  1. when is biden taking some Illegals to his neighborhood. he pushes them off on every state & makes people get used to them its about time that butthead takes some home with him

  2. Time for the corrupt Biden’s to go far far away: Biden Admin Spent $86.9 Million Housing Migrants in Hotels this is not the Biden’s administrations money. it’s the American tax payors money and congress has not authorized this expenditure, If the “big guy” is so flush dig into some of that 200 million Hunter received from China.


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