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The Next News Network – Reagan McCarthy from Townhall reports, Another Republican lawmaker is calling for U.S. Olympic qualifier Gwen Berry to be removed from the national team after she disrespected the national anthem. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) said that if Berry, a hammer thrower, is “embarrassed” by the country, she should not compete.

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He’s absolutely correct. Why is she representing our beloved country if she’s disrespecting everything American?

The USA is such a great country that even those who hate it don’t leave.

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  1. This is the simplest solution. Send her to Japan after she steps off the plane REVOKE her citizenship and remove her from the team. That would mean she cannot compete and she won’t have a Country to complain about. It would also prevent her from coming back to America. This should be done to those on the US Soccer team as well. If you don’t respect America why would you want to represent America???? So all who disrespect the Flag should LEAVE and NEVER RETURN. Those who hose to put another Nation or Continent before American and were born here as were their parents or demand pay for their ancestors being Slaves should pack up and go to where they love over America. Then start WHINING about things they don’t like there. See how long they survive. But America HATERS need to leave.


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