TJ Ducko RESIGNS Biden White House After Threatening Female Reporter!



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Anthony Brian Logan – White House Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo resigned after threatening a female reporter from Politico over a story about him. The story begins with Ducklo and his relationship with Axios reporter Alexi McCammond

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“I don’t Work For You” – Joe Biden, to Working Class Man.

If that’s the case, everybody in his administration should be fired.

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  1. Also everyone wants to know what is this rare miracle talent possessed by Hunter Biden which attracts world powers to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for his gift of remarkable value? for example the 200 million dollars that came from China in holdings. He has to be a master of the Chinese languages and financial skills that are held by no other ordinary human. Think any Democrat should be able answer this question? Republicans are left to ponder. Hunter Biden is the sole beneficial owner of Skaneateles LLC, according to Washington, D.C. corporate records obtained by the Daily Caller. “He has been working to unwind his investment,” press secretary Jen Psaki said during a Friday press conference when asked about Hunter Biden’s stake in Bohai Harvest RST Shanghai Equity Investment Fund Management as BHR Partners.BHR manages the equivalent of $2.1 billion in assets and is co-owned by the Chinese state-controlled Bank of China. Hunter Biden’s lawyer, George Mesires, did not return numerous requests for comment asking to confirm if his client is in the process of offloading his stake in BHR and when he expects that process to be completed. Mesires said in an October 2019 statement that Hunter Biden had not received any return on his investment in BHR, but emails located on a copy of Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop show that he was told on multiple occasions by his business partner Eric Schwerin that he would begin receiving significant payments from the firm beginning in 2019, the Daily Caller News Foundation previously reported. May 20, 2017 “Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when u are face to face, I know u know that but they are paranoid,” Gilliar instructed Bobulinksi in an encrypted WhatsApp message thread.


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