Three Blaring Election Oddities that Nobody Can Deny


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As the saying goes, “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.” Ohio has often been used as a basis of national opinion in history, and it has often forecast the election results.


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Excluding last week’s election, the candidate who won the state of Ohio won the presidential election in every race since 1904, with just two exceptions. The first was Republican Thomas Dewey, who won Ohio and lost to Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1944; the second was Republican Richard Nixon, who won Ohio in 1960 but lost to John F. Kennedy.

Aside from Ohio, Florida is the largest bellwether state. A Democrat has won the presidency without winning Florida only twice, while no Republican since Calvin Coolidge has become president without winning the state.

How was it that Trump won bellwether states and had supporters in the Empire State, yet he struggled in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia? How likely is it that Trump won the two bellwether states called on election night, while the others, which were called after the election night, were won by Biden?

Just like bellwether states exist, there are also bellwether counties. Vido County, Indiana, has been won by every presidential winner since 1956, while Valencia, New Mexico, has been won by every president since 1952. Trump won both counties, winning Vigo by nearly 15 points and Valencia by 11 points.

That’s not where it ends, though. Nearly every bellwether county was won by Trump this year, and only 18% went for the Biden-Harris duo.

The Republicans have done very well this year, picking up seats in the House and being favored to keep the Senate’s control.

Of course, the obvious response to anyone who suspects fraud would be: “If Democrats rigged the election for Biden, why wouldn’t they have rigged it for Congressional Democrats too?”

One answer to that question would be that if fraud did happen, it was in a few key swing states that weren’t the same states where the Congressional Republicans excelled.

Right now, another glaring oddity that hasn’t been answered yet is why there are allegedly 450,000 ballots in key states with votes cast only for Biden.

Since 2016, the media got away with saying that the Russians influenced that year’s election. It’s only fair that this year, the Republicans should at least get answers to the apparent irregularities without being called conspiracy theorists or sore losers this year.

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