Thousands Tried to Sabotage a Trump Rally but the Tables Were Turned, They Actually Supported It


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Thousands of teenagers on TikTok had tried to sabotage a Trump rally on Staten Island, but the organizers turned the tables on them and tricked them into donating to the Republican party.

The Republican Party of Staten Island organized the “TRiUMPh Rally,” which is the “largest pro-Trump, pro-Republican, pro-Law and Order rally in New York City this year.” The event was originally free for anyone to join, as long as they RSVP’d before the event on October 3.

But before the rally, the organizers saw that the RSVPs suddenly increased, as tens of thousands of people were saying yes and asking to attend the pro-Trump, pro-Republican rally.


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“We had about 1,500 RSVPs from Staten Islanders. Then all of a sudden we started seeing the numbers tick up to 10,000, 15,000, 75,000,” said Staten Island Republican Chairman Brendan Lantry. “We knew something was not right.”

They noticed that the sudden increase of the RSVPs started on September 19. But the more important fact was that most of those who wanted to attend the rally were from out of the state. Aside from that, they had questionable names such as, “Ivana Punchyou,” “F**kyou Trump,” and “Grabemby DePussay.” I mean, really?

Lantry’s wife, Jessica, tried to find the source for the fake rally participants, and boy did she. She found that the source was — you guessed it — TikTok.

It turns out that a 19-year-old TikTok user with the handle “Felisrae” had posted a 51-second video on September 19, hinting at her followers to get tickets to the Trump rally.

The video was captioned, “if you’re from new york or just HATE this idiot.”

In the video, the teen says, “Do you hate this orange b**** as much as I do? It turns out that Trump is having a rally in Staten Island. So what I did was, I reserved myself two seats. But I’m pretty sure that I have something to do that day. So, do what you want with this information.”

The video was viewed more than 550,000 times and had 154,000 likes on TikTok.

The goal was to make Trump supporters unable to attend because the tickets would be taken by people who had no intention of going.

To deter those against Trump from influencing the rally, Lantry added a $5 fee to the online sign-up form, which would be non-refundable.

“But they kept coming,” Lantry said. “From Colorado and California and Chicago and Houston, all over the country.”

According to the Staten Island GOP, the organization sold more than 3,000 vouchers and collected $15,785 from people who didn’t really intend to attend the rally.

“They hate this president so much that they’re willing to donate to the Republican Party to troll him,” Lantry gloated. “Thank you, progressives, for helping us put on a successful rally.”

Their attempt to sabotage the rally failed so miserably, and they weren’t even able to affect the attendance in the slightest.

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