This Uber Driver Will Think Twice About Trash Talking Trump Again


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Bevelyn Beatty is a Christian activist and co-founder of At Well Ministries, according to her Facebook page.

She has gone viral since going off on an Uber driver who assumed wrongly that she hated Trump. He didn’t think twice before trash-talking President Trump in front of her. The media has only shown how black people shouldn’t support Trump or that they should hate him, but the fact is: the ones they haven’t brainwashed remain and they do support him.

Here’s one of those people who haven’t been brainwashed and still think for themselves. Watch how Beatty teaches this Nigerian driver the lesson that not all black people hate Trump.


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This just proves that despite the mainstream liberal media’s best attempts at brainwashing the public to go against and hate Trump, the fact remains that some people see what he has done and accomplished for America.

Those who remain his supporters, especially the black people, show that he has indeed accomplished great things for our country. Otherwise, as part of the minority that is pushing to defund the police and replace Trump, they would definitely not be supporting him.

Beverly Beatty has shown that she is not one of the mindless drones just following and believing whatever the mainstream media says.

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