This New Hilarious Ad Sums Up Liberal Thinking in A Few Seconds


Image Screenshot From Ben Shapiro YouTube Video Below.

A new hilarious ad aired summarizing how the liberals think.

The liberals have always perceived Trump to be a very bad Orange man who the Lincoln Project recently portrayed him in an otherwise comical ad. In their attempt to slander Trump, the Lincoln Project of former republicans thought of airing shades at the president. The result? Hilarious.

Lincoln Project started when some republicans realized they could no longer shelve out money from politics, turning their back to Trump and the entire Republican Party. Democrats welcomed them, thinking they were converts. In fact, the Lincoln Project raised tens of millions of dollars from the Dems as a welcoming gift.


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The project’s goal, apparently, is to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump. The leftists saw this as another opportunity to pull down the president.

Wonder what the future would be for these former republicans who turned their back on the party. Should Trump lose, they’d probably be discarded by the leftists too. Yet, here they are, cutting an ad against Trump.

Anti-Trumps scramble days before the national election.

A mother is seen walking into her child’s room, wakes him up to tell him about the election results.

“Honey. You asked me to wake you and tell you what happened in the election,” begins the mother. The child then asks, “Who won?”
“Trump, Trump won,” the mother replied.

“I thought you could only be president two times?” asks the child.
“Not anymore,” said the mother.

The ad reveals how shallow the liberals could think. Lincoln Project’s pitch means that if Donald Trump won’t be stopped now, he would be the US president forever.

Perhaps they needed reminding that in US history, there’s only one president who served more than two terms. It was Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat.

A constitutional amendment was passed thereafter, saying that presidents can only serve two terms.

It wasn’t made elaborate in the ad how they think Donald Trump would serve more than two terms.

Pretty amusing ad, by the way.

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