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Sky News Australia – Sky News host Paul Murray says US Vice President Kamala Harris “is such a hoax”. “Kamala Harris is all identity politics, all talking points, all giggle, no actual laugh,” Mr Murray said. He said Kamala Harris “is a fake, with a glass jaw”. Mr Murray also spoke of recent reports which have claimed complaints have arisen from people of a toxic work culture in Ms Harris’ office.

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This was necessary so that the people can see the truth for themselves.

That is not a giggle. Giggling is something cute that children do. It’s a cackle, like a witch.

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  1. First off she is the Ho not VP. She is UNFIT for that title and for any office elected or appointed on Earth. She is only where she is because she used Prostitution to get there. That is why she can not fix any of America’s problems she can’t sleep with just one person to fix them so she CAN’T fix anything.

  2. I was wrong !! I made the statement when Sleepy Joe took office That Harris would provably be a better choice. The next thing we will find is that George Soros is in command.

  3. On her knees only climbed the ladder because of her mouth and I don’t mean by using words. Our country is so screwed.
    When asked, college students said they are ashamed to say they are American and don’t like America. When asked what country was better CRICKETS. They said there isn’t a better country. This is the future of America??? BRAIN DEAD INDOCTRINATED Millennials.
    Parents… get involved with the schools. Say NO to CRT

  4. Due to her reputation and recent performance, this woman will never be accepted by the Republic when Joe , the pretender, finally reaches the edge of the cliff. The best way to save America is to get this toxic crew out of our White House and throw the Democrat traitors in prison where they belong. Do the Republicans have the resolve to do it? Only if they get rid of the RINO’S and Swamp dwellers dragging the party down. Better hurry though. Soros and the left are in a hurry to burn our system down.


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