This is the Real Insurrection that Took Place…


Image From Video Below…

Mark Levin Show – Mark Levin reacts to the politicization of Jan. 6 and reveals the real insurrection that took place.

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There was more than one patriot killed that day. Please do not forget about Rosanne Boyland. Also, Ashli Babbit didn’t climb through a window, she was lifted up into a window. Who lifted her up? And why her? Watch the Antifa members in the video see what they do and say. They are communicating with the Capitol Police.

I’m the only Trump supporter, Republican, Anti BLM in my entire liberal family. I’m new on Rumble and could really use your support as I expose the deep state assault on our country. God speed, 🇺🇸💪

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  1. Obviously you are the only one who has inspected the videos of 1/06/21 so thoroughly and in such a complete manner. I believe you are correct in your observations as even I noticed what I believed to be Antifa members talking to the police. It was a massive Democrat undertaking
    and preplanned event in order to dismantle President Trump illegally.
    Thank you for your support and being a Trump supporter. God bless.


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