This is Not a Joke, ‘Who Is in Charge at the White House?’…


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Fox News – ‘Hannity’ host expresses concern over Biden’s mental capacity and questions who’s really making the decisions.

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The only one who doesn’t know about Biden’s condition is Biden.

At moments like this I truly feel robbed of a President.

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  1. The current occupation of the Whitehouse by the democrats? is proven without any doubt totally illegal. the media is feeding the people with more bullcrap and false information than ever in history.the democrat party with it’s communist “advisors” has removed any semblance of a two-party governing body.joe byden has not got the mental leftovers to blow his nose without help from his “handy helpers”.this is making the United States look like a banana-republic of the worst order..

  2. Since the liberals/ democrats committed voter fraud to put the retard snd whore in office. It seems to me we should be able to do any illegal thing we want to to liberals / democrats. I suggest beating the heck out of any one of them you can identify.

    I dont say progressives becuase to be a progressives you would have to be progressing toward something a d progressives have no clue what they are doing.

    Beat a democrat a day


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