This is How Our Founding Fathers Outsmarted the 2020 Fraud


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Who elects a United States President?


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While many leftists may have already rejoiced on the proclamation of the mainstream media on Biden’s “winning,” the Constitution does not really say the media has anything to do with deciding who will sit in the White House for the next four years.

Not even the Supreme Court nor the American citizens decide on who will be the next president.

Contrary to popular opinion, the United States President does not represent the American people. The state legislators and governors fulfill that duty, while the House of Representatives in the Congress do so at the federal level.

Who then does the POTUS represent?

According to the Constitution, the POTUS represents only the interests of the state legislators.

Generally, the US federal government’s structure is a reflection of the several attempts of the Founding Fathers to introduce a system of effective state control over the federal government.

This set-up is because, unlike other “republics,” the US was organized “from the bottom up” when the individual colonies united against a common adversary – the British empire.

When the American state was built, the fundamental principle was on the state control over the federal power structure. Therefore, a state should consist of representatives of the people (congressmen) and state leadership representatives (federal President and senators). The Electoral College was then invented and implemented where the state legislatures appoint electors who eventually elect the POTUS.

So why then do Americans still need to participate in the presidential elections? Strictly speaking, and unknown to many, it’s not necessary. The participation of the Americans only lies in a long tradition that the state legislators appoint electors based on the mood of the people.

According to the US Constitution, the people’s participation in the presidential elections is not required. However, the people directly elect the legislators.

Thus, the state legislators can lawfully ignore the results of the citizen votes and appoint who they think necessary to the Electoral College.

You might wonder why the Founding Fathers have given such unprecedented power to the state legislators. This is because they have foresighted that the election’s results would have nothing to do with the citizen’s votes, which exactly what might happen in 2020.

There may have been previous falsifications in the elections before, yet the leftists went all-in in the 2020 presidential race.

Trump’s campaign, however, does not waver in massive fraudulence as lawsuits after lawsuits were being slapped to challenge the results.

The Trump allies have also called on state legislators to use their constitutional power in completely ignoring the falsified citizen voting results.

Al Gore made the same attempt in 2000 but with only one state contested. In 2020, there are six contested states.

The Constitution states that all election issues must be resolved by the 1st Monday after the 2nd Wednesday of December. This year, it falls on December 14.

If on December 14 the Electoral College cannot elect a president, the House of Representatives will take over on the election. Yet, if the HoR also fails the duty of electing a vice president, then the Senate would take charge in the election.

In the HoR, the state delegations would be voting and not the individual congressmen. The Republicans have the majority of the House and in the Senate.

Thus, the disinformation media has no right to declare the next POTUS. Not even Fox News, which jumped ship on the night of the election.

Legally speaking, Biden is but an impostor. The Democrat is only a false president, at least until December 14, 2020.

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