This Hypocrisy Insults the Intelligence of Everyone


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In California, COVID-19 restrictions were tightened before Thanksgiving to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom issued a stay-at-home order, while the Los Angeles County banned outdoor dining.


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But while urging the Californians to follow his guidelines, Newsom was seen at an indoor dinner party — with no mask or social distancing present.

Leo Terrell told a Wednesday night Hannity panel that the hypocrisy is insulting and makes him want to leave the golden state. 

“I say this without any hyperbole. This is the first time, Trey, that I want to leave the state of California. Why? Because the hypocrisy insults the intelligence of every citizen of California,” he said. 

“We have a county health director who’s not elected, who makes half a million dollars, who’s not even a medical doctor, and she shuts down the restaurants for outdoor dining, and as you said, the democrats always keep saying, we follow the science,” he added. “There’s no science.” 

“One additional fact, more people are getting infected in government buildings than outdoor restaurants. So what I’m saying to you is, the hypocrisy is too much for me. I’m hoping that maybe I can find a place either in South Carolina or next door to Governor Huckabee.” 

“It is just ridiculous out here because it is too much democratic control, and it doesn’t justify the shutting down of this entire state,” he said.

Other Twitter users have spoken out, with one Alexandra Datig saying that “CA politicians have confused public service with politics.”

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