This Crowd Lined Up to Hear Biden Speak Says All We Need to Know…


On Tuesday, President Biden made a brief appearance at The Ohio State University to give a speech.


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Biden, who got 81 million votes during the election, was received by a small crowd—just about two dozen supporters who were mostly college students.

Meanwhile, just 1,000 people listened to his speech on the White House’s live feed on YouTube.

As Terrence Williams tweeted, how is it that the most popular President in history only managed to draw a small crowd in person and just a thousand people to watch him live?

The 16-minute speech was about his administration’s American Rescue plan.

Throughout the whole speech, Biden could be heard struggling to breathe through his face mask.

Coupled with his mumbling, the speech was tough to understand.

Here’s a part of the speech:

Not only was Biden unable to gather even a hundred supporters to watch him speak in person, he wasn’t even able to get more than a thousand people to watch him speak live.

How is he considered the most popular United States President in history?

The liberals want us to believe that his supporters are unwilling to go out because of the pandemic, but those same supporters advocate for concerts to come back.

This shows us that they are willing to leave their homes; they aren’t interested enough in what President Biden has to say to watch him mumble through his speech in person.

Or perhaps they know they won’t be able to understand him even if they do go.

Watch Blaze TV’s Slightly Offensive host Elijah Schaeffer talk about this issue here:

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  1. He’s not a popular president but a person propped up by media and the democrats that staged a coup by stealing a election

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