This Could Lead to Joe Biden’s Resignation…


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According to Hunter Biden, his attorney has been advised by the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware that he is currently under investigation. Nothing specific was said, but this does not bode well for Joe Biden.


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First, Hunter Biden’s public statement says that his taxes are under investigation. That is likely true, but the investigation is located in the US Attorney’s Office for Delaware, which means this is not just a tax case.

Cases that are limited to tax evasion are normally handled by the Tax Division of the Justice Department. The reason behind this is to promote consistency across the country in the criminal prosecution of tax crimes.

Hunter Biden is being investigated in the District of Delaware, which means the case involves more than just tax issues. The fact that Hunter announced that his attorney was contacted by the US Attorney for the District of Delaware confirms that this is a joint-investigation and that the investigation is based in Delaware.

All of this is nothing good for Joe Biden and his chances of becoming the president on January 21. One thing leads to another in an investigation, and the next thing you know, there’s a long paper trail to follow.

There is the reference to the “Big Guy” getting 10% in the structure of one business venture involving investment by a Chinese owned company closely connected to the Chinese government. The “Big Guy” is believed to be referring to Joe Biden, but this has not been proven yet so far.

But all of this is just the start.  Once the money transfer to Hunter Biden is tracked and understood, if there is evidence to believe that the money he received is the “proceeds” of certain types of criminal activity, what happens to the money after it leaves his account becomes a subject of great investigatory interest.

If any money that entered Hunter’s account is labeled “proceeds of a specified unlawful activity” (“SUA”), every transfer of funds out of Hunter Biden’s bank account will be traced to see where the money went and what it was used for.

Everything will be examined, and I mean everything. If any money went to Joe Biden or his brother, Jim, the reasons for those transactions will be examined, and how they were accounted for in tax returns. If there were legit business dealings that underlie the payments, those would be evaluated and verified.  If these are “payoffs” for no discernable purpose or benefit to Hunter Biden, that will be examined as well.

The good thing is that the investigation is public, including the specific information, documents, and witness statements that were revealed before the election — which was suppressed by the media — the Democrats can’t just make this go away quietly.

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