They Destroy His Trump Signs, So He Builds This


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Tennessee man Adrian Powell found a way to show his support for President Donald Trump even after vandals kept tearing down his campaign signs.

Powell had repeatedly erected signs on his yard, but vandals refused to let them stand. Instead, he opted to place a massive Pro-Trump display consisting of hay bales where the flimsy signs previously stood.

According to Fox News, Powell made the hay bale tribute to the president after vandals destroyed at least six of his Trump 2020 campaign signs. Powell lives in Red Boiling Springs.

He painted an American flag across a stack of hay bales and crafted an effigy of President Trump. The effigy was complete with blonde hair, a blue suit, and a red tie. Across the whole display, he wrote, “Trump 2020.”

Destroying Trump campaign signs and flags is nothing new and is, unfortunately, becoming more commonplace. As November third and the general election creeps closer, the vandalism and acts of violence get more familiar.

According to WZTV-TV, despite the vandals repeatedly damaging his signs, he does not intend to press charges against them.

Additionally, on Thursday, an elderly man saw a vandal who was bent on destroying a pro-Trump flag hanging off a building’s balcony. The older man confronted the vandal, but the vandal proceeded to tear down a similar flag as soon as he left the scene.

In another incident earlier this month, a suspect had punched a woman in Massachusetts through her car window. It was reported that she was struck because she disagreed with the woman’s pro-Trump flags.

In Tacoma, a teacher had gone on a rant about President Trump to some sixth graders. He had asked his students who they admire and why, and when one child answered that he admired President Trump, the teacher kicked his student out of the online chat room and proceeded to scold the child for giving an “inappropriate” answer.

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In a neighborhood in Arizona earlier this month, anti-Trump vandals went on a campaign sign-stealing spree. And in another separate incident, some thugs attacked a man and his daughter in Wisconsin because they had the gall to fly a pro-Trump flag from their camper.

As November third draws closer, citizens are getting more and more worried about the possibility of a civil war breaking out after the election.

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