There’s a New Socialism in Town: Identity Socialism? What is It?



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Dinesh D’Souza – Modern socialism is a hybrid between economic socialism and identity politics. The roots of this identity socialism can be traced to one man: Herbert Marcuse.

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The voting age must be raised to 40, because too many people who are below thus age are fools.

America is running parallel to the Roman Empire when it collapsed. The similarities between the Roman Empire and America are unbelievable. Anyone who’s seriously studied the rise and fall of Empires knows what is coming to America.

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  1. Communist China has taken over our elections and set up a puppet Federal government designed to bankrupt our country. Several overseas locations altered our election process and has been manipulated by locations in numerous foreign countries all designed to steal the American election results. Our State voting laws had been broken in several key States knowing the voting laws were deliberately broke laws to assist in this process. This could have been stopped but the key players within our government for money and power were also players in this game of cyber attacks. The Biden’s have been well paid pawns of the Chinese Communist Party, two hundred million plus, ask Hunter, this virus was designed to set the beginning of plans to disrupt our election process. Those political powers who were involved are traitors to our Union, remember our oath taken to protect our country against all enemies both foreign and domestic,

  2. Totally true what you said. The entire setup was democrats and China together fixing the election to give them the power. There are so many traitors in DC and right now they are in charge of destroying the American way of life. I’m just afraid it’s going to lead to a war within our borders that will be far worse that the last civil war.

  3. Don’t visit our nations Capitol, Democrats in fear, armed soldiers, poison food, graffiti on streets Biden could be on the loose, Republicans jailed! Stay away Danger Will Robinson, Danger, “Taxes everywhere”


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