The WOKE NFL Seals Its Own Coffin with this Policy Change…


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The Next News Network – Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports, The National Football League (NFL) will be playing the “Black National Anthem” as “a prominent part of all big league events,” including the Super Bowl, NFL Playoffs, NFL Draft, and NFL Kickoff game, according to a new report.

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100% criminals gets arrested or murder gets their own reward , but veterans and police are now dishonored for their actual bravery . Disgusting.

Soooo..if there’s a “black” there going to be Anthems for other ethnic groups? As a American I thought that we all flew under the same Anthem and flag? This is America right? Just saying

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of football in my 82 years.
    Never was it used as a political football, making a foolish statement that means nothing. I’m through.

  2. We don’t need politics or racism inserted before each game. People want to watch football, not listen to this kind of garbage. I’m done watching.

  3. Their allowing the Spoiled brats who play a game for money to disrespect America cost them my support and I will NEVER watch another game or buy anything that supports ANY Pro-Sports team.

  4. Piss on ’em all: White, Black, Pink with Purple Polka Dots, etc. This is about dividing us as a nation in order to transform it into whatever model you want to fill in the blank with; communism, socialism, you name it.

    Wake up America! If not, we won’t have an America that we grew up with and made us the greatest nation on earth (despite our faults).

    I’m a 62 y/o born and bred American who served our nation and am willing to do it again, be it against foreign or domestic enemies of my country.

  5. fuck them all and i mean all do that and they divide us i more than ever. screw them they play it one time and im done forever .

  6. When professional sports are being used to spread leftist communistic ideas cease being worth being part of the American past time. Besides the NFL is a club of millionaire cry babies whining and moaning, while playing a game that most of us played as kids for free. I’m only interested in college football, until the “woke” idiots start tampering with that, then I won’t watch even that. Maybe high school football will be safe. I hope baseball doesn’t end up being poisoned, though its showing signs of it, as I love baseball most of all, but then again MLB is being played by millionaires who whine and complain. Perhaps if people stopped going to the games and watching it on TV, their bottom line will start suffering and maybe, just maybe, they’ll see the error of their ways and really WAKE up to the fact they’ve been lulled into the “blue” pill matrix and get out of it. I’m not holding my breath, though.


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