The Ways Biden Rules Like a Third World Leader…


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The recent presidential election that millions still feel illegitimate, along with the occupation of the country’s capital, is only the tip of the iceberg. The U.S. drastically turns into a banana republic as its leader steers the country into a laughingstock.

The left and the deep state connived to turn Washington D.C. into a heavily militarized zone that only signifies dictatorship. 

With his early actions, Biden ruled as if in a third world country – a brilliant point by Joel Pollak in his latest Breitbart article.

 Pollak’s “Blue State Blues: 9 Signs That Joe Biden Is a Third World Leader” listed the following: 

  1. Rule by executive order. Dozens of new executive orders days after sitting in the White House were released despite his October town hall speech, “I have this strange notion. We are a democracy. … Things you can’t do by the executive order unless you’re a dictator.
  1. Putting his predecessor on trial. Biden’s pledge of “unity” became simply a shallow promise when he backed a Senate impeachment trial for Trump. The former president didn’t commit a crime. 
  1. Opposition censorship. Biden’s leadership is passive to the ongoing censorship of Republicans in social media. Instead, Biden’s campaign even supported the silencing of the conservatives. 
  1. Attacks the private sector. The president killed jobs in the fossil fuel industry when he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline permit and suspended oil and gas leases on federal lands. 
  1. Identity politics exploitation. Biden continues to push the false narrative on “systemic racism.” He leads an assault on common national ideas and symbols. He even deleted the 1776 Commission report only hours after taking office. 
  1. Challenging judicial independence. An independent judiciary is crucial as a check and balance to the executive. However, Biden presses ahead with his plans to “reform” the courts, possibly “packing” the high court with Democrat judges. 
  1. Former officials’ purging. The president is actively removing officials appointed by Trump to several agencies, including the National Security Council and the Voice of America. 
  1. Encouraging a slavish media. The current administration favors the mainstream media, which continues to run glowing reports about the Biden administration while painting the Trump campaign in a bad light.
  1. Military in the streets. The National Guard’s extended presence in the Capitol for months is overrated. The condition only seems more like a show of power and force by the Democrats against their opponents. The National Guard’s security of the Capitol was understandable in the aftermath of the riot, even when the Inauguration’s anticipated threats didn’t amount to anything. 

Biden’s executive overreach along with militarization is a clear sign that the Dems would never want to lose their stance. It is such a power grabber party. 

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