The View ATTACK Van Jones For “Betraying” The Black Community!


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Anthony Brian Logan – Sunny Hostin of “The View” recently attacked fellow liberal television pundit Van Jones for working with conservatives, saying that the black community does not trust him anymore

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The fact they think a black man cant have his own thoughts and opinions is racist in itself.

Random white women telling a black man that black people don’t trust him.

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  1. The View is held in contempt by most of America as their antics are a disgrace and they how their arrogance and ignorance everyday! No one can be proud of performance they emote.

  2. The view should understand betrayal. They’ve betrayed the black community for decades. Racist black face Behar has been trying to subjugate blacks since anyone knew her. The rest are all racist who wish to hold the black community to poverty and minimum wage. The socialism agenda. A tyrannical oligarchy of millionaires subjugating the workers. Taking their homes and businesses. Yes free schools but for what purpose. Brainwashing. The workers don’t own their schools or schooling. They don’t own businesses. The workers are relegated to whatever minimum wage job the oligarchy commands. They own everything so the workers are beholden to the oligarchy. Room and board are provided by the oligarchy. Toe the line or lose everything. The all make minimum wage. Equality must be maintained. Everyone makes the same pay. You actually don’t need higher education. There is no real benefit except indoctrination. It doesn’t get you better job or more pay for most. Certain stem jobs useful to the oligarchy may garner added pay.


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