The Sale of Alcohol is Banned in PA?


On Monday, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced a temporary liquor ban in bars and restaurants to slow the spread of COVID-19.


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According to CBS Pittsburgh, Dr. Rachel L. Levine, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Secretary of Health, declared, “On Wednesday, November 25, restaurants and bars are ordered to suspend alcohol sales at 5 P.M. until 8 A.M. on Thursday, November 26.”

Dr. Levine also disclosed that “new mitigation measures” would be enacted to include “targeted protections for businesses and gatherings.”

The secretary threatened that orders are already in place. State agencies and law enforcement would be expected to step up efforts in issuing fines, citations, and possible regulatory actions for repeat violators.

Dr. Levine also noted in the press conference, “It has to be our collective responsibility to protect our communities, our healthcare workers, and our most vulnerable Pennsylvanians from COVID-19.” 

Several small businesses have been suffering since the onslaught of the pandemic, impacting countless livelihoods. Meanwhile, corporation giants, including Amazon, thrive during the pandemic.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Womply, a software and business-services provider, gathered from small-business transaction data that 20 percent of businesses operating in January have totally stopped transactions. Most of which have likely closed for good. 

Alignable, a small business social-networking company, recently surveyed 6,325 small-business owners, where 42 percent said they fear going out of business by the last quarter of 2020. 

“Small businesses have been at the losing end of the U.S. economy for decades, but nothing has diminished their stature like the Covid-19 crisis,” added the Journal. 

Thousands of small traders have been forced to close while the large companies survived and, in some cases, even thrived and flourished.

Restrictions due to the pandemic in Pennsylvania continue to hurt the resident’s livelihood. Recently, the state-mandated wearing of mask inside your own home when someone from another household visits. 

The Secretary of Health tweeted, “Strengthening masking order. Masks are still required.”

Dr. Levine state that for indoors, masks are “now required anytime you’re with someone outside of your household, even when socially distant.”  

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